Kyle Whelliston

Hello world. I am a systems analyst and information designer in Chicago's Logan Square. ✶

I operate The National Statistical Concern. I'm also a co-founder of Sports Passport with Peter Robert Casey. Other sports-related projects: BallSheet, PuckSheet, Transactionist and Swifter, Higher.

My scrapbook of found internet objects is called The Disposable Century. My older writings (from and Basketball Times, as well as various blogs and travel journals) are collected at Hundreds & Thousands. I also used to write books once.

I am a DJ on CHIRP Radio Wednesdays from 3-6 pm CT. My show is called Foxbase Gamma and it is about music from Chicago. You can follow the show on Twitter @foxbasegamma and interact using the hashtag wavelength #chirpfbg. My blog about global pop music (currently on hiatus) is called popbomb.

I still do database and design consulting by request, as my schedule allows. If you'd like to contact me for that or any other reason, please do so clicking the envelope below.

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